Meet The Team

Board Members

Dr. Damon Smith, MD

Board Chair

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without purpose.”

- Myles Munroe

Terrence Myers

Board Vice Chair

Life without knowledge is death in disguise.

- Talib Kweli

Nick Rumke

Board Secretary / Member

"Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves"

Romans 12:10

Sisson Stephen

Board Member

Zion Stokes

Advisory Board Member

Kellyann Few

Advisory Board Member

Kendrea Camacho

Advisory Board Member

Keefe Clemons

Advisory Board Member

Sherida Morrison

Advisory Board Member

Sandra Bempong

Advisory Board Member

Mentoring Mentors
Board Members

Our team is a collective, full of amazing
people striving to help make our
community better.
Without their leadership, expertise, and
their dedication
, Mentoring
Mentors cannot reach the many families,
students, and communities that it is
dedicated to support. So we thank them
for everything they bring to the
Thank you board members!

Alphonso Mayo


Alexandra Porte

Program Manager

Yvonne Waller

Executive / Program Assistant

James Turner

Student Success Specialist

Riyan Williams


Isaiah Fahie


Mia Coombs


Ekei Obu


Mentoring Mentors

Our staff plays a crucial role in supporting the overall operation of our organization by providing guidance, mentorship, and resources to the students involved in the program. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to create a structured and effective environment, ensuring that all students are well-equipped to receive meaningful skills and life lessons
We thank our staff for the vital role they play in ensuring the success and sustainability of the Mentoring Mentors program.
Thank you TO OUR Staff!

Tajiel Wesley

Alumni '18

Malik Foster

Alumni '14

Deandre Thomas

Alumni '18

William Fernadez

Alumni '18

Zach Jeffers

Alumni '18

Derrick Waller

Alumni '18

Mentoring Mentors

Ouf alumni, embody  a legacy of excellence, and have become beacons of inspiration, fostering growth and empowerment in their mentees with unwavering dedication and wisdom.
With their guidance, proficiency, and steadfast commitment, our alumni profoundly amplify our organization's capacity to reach and support numerous families, students, and communities, for which we are deeply thankful."
Thank you alumni!