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What is Mentoring Mentors?
Mentoring Mentors Inc. (MMI) is a Baltimore-based non-profit dedicated to youth development. Our approach is rooted in the Intergenerational Near-to-Peer Mentoring Model, which we introduced in 2018 as an innovative and effective way to mentor and empower young individuals. This model is a nurturing and secure environment for youth to evolve into leaders.
Since our establishment in 2014, MMI has achieved remarkable outcomes. Our inaugural cohort of students successfully graduated from high school, and every one of them enrolled in college, resulting in an impressive 83.3% college graduation rate. Notably, our current cohort consists of 4 young men with an outstanding 4.0 GPA or better, and we're incredibly proud to report a 0% youth involvement in criminal activities.

Over the years, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 200 youth through a wide array of programs and strategic partnerships with local schools and community organizations. Additionally, we have directly benefited 25 youth annually through our Intergenerational Near-to-Peer Mentoring Model.


Mentoring Mentors’ mission is to develop the generation of community leaders.


Mentoring Mentors’' vision is a world where youth have greater opportunities to reach their full potential and become leaders in their communities.
We seek to close the gaps that racial, academic, wealth, and entrepreneurial inequalities has created in our communities by building a leadership academy grounded in positive relationship building. We envision a residential program for families to get consistent support throughout their students' educational journey and well into adulthood.


Mentor Support

At MMI, we understand that exposure is a critical ingredient for nurturing leaders. We are dedicated to providing opportunities that lead to long-term, sustainable growth. Our focus in this area is to empower young minds by connecting them with industry experts, arranging educational trips, and facilitating eye-opening experiences. Positive exposure leads to positive outcomes. For instance, our College Tour program offers high school students an immersive college life experience and early exposure to a wide array of educational institutions across the nation. From large universities to HBCUs, PWIs, and MSIs, this week-long journey during their spring break broadens their horizons and inspires informed decisions.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Building meaningful relationships

Starting as early as the 6th grade, our program is designed to help youth explore and understand themselves better. Through engaging activities and curated curricula, we foster personal, social, and emotional development. This journey includes interactive games, role-playing, and discussions covering essential life aspects, such as communication, conflict resolution, behavior, self-care, and self-awareness. The program's first year focuses on building trust and enhancing communication among Mentoring Mentors team, mentors, youth, parents, and school partners, laying a strong foundation for personal growth and healthy relationships.

Leadership Development

Developing our students for life

At MMI, leadership development is ingrained in our ethos. While the process begins in high school, it culminates in skills acquired throughout middle school. This is the pivotal stage where our innovative intergenerational near-to-peer model takes flight for leadership development. At MMI, we recognize that true leadership is nurtured through meaningful connections and mentorship. During this stage, youth take the knowledge and experiences they've gained and apply them to their social circles, relationships with younger peers, and their school

Meet our Founder

“In life, we must leave things behind that we care
about in order to grow. It may seem strange that
growth comes with loss, but some losses are
worth the victories that God has for you.”

Open Society Fellowship
Leadership in Residence Fellowship CBMA
Champion in Life Award God Community Foundation’s
Baltimore Homecoming Hero Winner
Practitioner Leadership Institute Fellowship

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