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Throughout the year Mentoring Mentors Inc seeks Mentors to connect with mentees. We also conduct multiple fundraising events, as well as speaking engagements. These events will provide a vast amount of opportunities for volunteer work. The positions available will range from mentor, pre-event marketing to post-event cleanup.

 If interested in becoming a part of the Mentoring Mentoring Team please send your resume, cover letter & desired position to






Mentoring Mentors Inc was established in 2014.

Currently, Mentoring Mentors serves 25 students at Windsor Hill Elementary/ Middle School. 

By leveraging investments in our inner-city youth, Mentoring Mentors will produce mentors that build character, develop social competence, and engage in more meaningful conversation around achieving higher academic success, developing positive relationships, leadership, accountability and conflict-resolution practices. 

Mentoring Mentors’ serves communities that have historically been outside the purview of influential cultural programs of the arts and humanities due to in part from the aforementioned socioeconomic reasons as well as geographic isolation resulting from insufficient access to funding and public support. However, these conditions do not define our students.